Where To Get Boxes When Moving

When moving home in England’s capital city, there are many things which have to be done. Contacting utility companies and changing your details as well as handing back the keys for your old home to an estate agent are examples of such. Packing is another task which you’ll have to do. Although it can be arduous, you should pack your personal possessions properly so that as few boxes as possible are needed. Putting socks into shoes and placing heavy items below all others are packing tips which should be embraced.

Before you start packing, check to see if you have enough removal boxes. If you don’t have many, it can be a mad rush to try and find some. There are plenty of places which you can go to in order to get boxes:

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Supermarkets use a considerable number of boxes every day. As they have many deliveries, they regularly put large boxes which were used to hold new stock in into recycling bins. In London, there are typically many supermarkets on each street. Although not every one of them will agree to donate cardboard boxes, the vast majority of them will say yes. Why not ask around at the supermarkets which are near where you currently live?


Just like a supermarket, a newsagent can be a huge source of moving boxes. Those which used to store chocolate bars and bottles of soda could be used to store your kettle and CD’s. Although you could take them without asking, it is common courtesy to ask a newsagent in person if it is okay to take the cardboard boxes which they have put out for recycling.

Off license

The boxes which an off license uses are very big and provide plenty of space to put your personal possessions in. Some boxes are used to store packets of crisps which are sold at a till area. By asking their permission, an off license might be more than willing to donate many boxes.

Fast food restaurants

Visited by scores of people every day, a fast food restaurant might have a significant number of spare boxes which they don’t need anymore. McDonald’s and Burger King have regular deliveries and boxes are no longer required after they have been unpacked. The staff in fast food restaurants are normally very accommodating and can tell you who to ask to get multiple moving boxes.

Buy in store

If you don’t want to get moving boxes in London from a supermarket or a newsagent, you can buy them. Argos sells cardboard boxes as does Staples. You could get a pack of ten removal boxes for example, for a very modest sum of money. Although this is an added expense, you will at least have plenty of boxes. If more are required, you can return to the same shop and purchase another pack.

Local tip

By visiting your local tip, you could get many boxes which people have thrown away. From small to very large, you will be able to get a number of them in just one visit. Although there might be a small cost for buying them, it could be far less than what has to be paid when purchasing them in store.

Getting boxes in London for an upcoming move doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time. This is because there are many places to go in order to get them. If you’re about to move home or know someone who will be, why not consider the aforementioned? You’re bound to find more than enough boxes by checking out these places.