Office Move Project Plan For An Easy Office Move

The Ultimate Office move project plan

Why Do you need an office move project plan ? Well your real estate agent called, and the offer you made on the new office space got accepted. It’s time for you to leave the office that once seemed huge, but has now gotten too tight for your growing company. Your new home is waiting and it’s time to organize your move. It’s a big project, but we’re to help. Here’s everything you need to know to organize and carry out the perfect office move.

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Step one, organize your staff

Start as early as possible. Six to twelve months out is a good time to start thinking through your move, especially if you have more than one department to relocate. Start by appointing a move captain to help organize the moving tasks. If your company is large, a captain for each division of the company might be necessary.

  • Choosing someone with seniority is the simplest way to ensure the move captain will have the required authority and profile in the company to get things done.
  • A multitasker who is willing to take on the job is best.
  • Share your budget and other resources with your move team to ensure they understand the parameters of the project.

Step two, inventory items for the move

Once your move team is in place, it’s time to assess how much actual inventory you’ll be moving. Mark items you no longer use or need for disposal, sale, or donation to minimize your moving labor and expense. You’ll need to do this in each department and office.

  • Make notes on all furniture and large items that will require moving.
  • Get an accurate count on supplies and materials that will require packing.
  • Make sure you make a note of any important documents and essential items so they can be tracked through the move for safekeeping. It’s best to make copies of anything essential, to prevent issues if they are temporarily misplaced during the transfer.

Step three, create a calendar timeline for the move.

Start from your expected “reopen” date in your new offices and work back to determine the sequence and timing of your move stages. Each department captain will need access to the timeline to ensure things are done in a timely manner. Any notes or suggestions should be noted on the office move project plan. 

  • Use an app such as a Google calendar, or the scheduling system you use for project management.
  • Make the calendar accessible to each department captain so they can assign roles.
  • Assign specific roles and timelines for tasks to each member of the move team and give them access to indicate when the task is complete.
  • Establish a protocol for checking in, to make sure each department has what they need and stays on schedule, include a method for asking questions, to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Step four, contact your movers and schedule your move dates

Once you’ve determined the optimum timeline for your company, check with us. While we work with clients to hit their target dates as close as possible, some flexibility is best to get the services you need, when you need them. The sooner we know your plans, the easier it will be for us to align our schedule.

  • The more detail you can provide about what you will be moving, the better. It helps assess required resources.
  • Include contact information for each of your captains and anyone else that might need to communicate with us about your move.
  • Adjust your timeline as needed once you’ve confirmed with the mover.

Floor plan is an integral part of your office move project plan

Consult with your move team and department heads to determine where each department will be located in your new space. Consider all space requirements and any strategic changes you can make to create a more efficient work place.

  • Now is a good time to make shifts in your operation, such as going from cubicles, to an open floor plan.
  • Organize your move inventory, according to how each department will be situated in the new office.
  • Once the floor plan is complete, create a digital map and include it in the project management files for the move.

Wrap up as much work as possible before the relocation.

The timing for big changes in life is almost never perfect. You can minimize the impact on your business by working ahead to ensure adequate inventory, delivering big projects before, or scheduling them after the move, and letting clients know to expect a lull in any services you won’t be able to maintain during the moving period.

  • Use up as much inventory and material as possible, and deliver projects and products to reduce the moving load.
  • Take advantage of natural lulls in business if possible. Moving in a naturally slow period is the best use of resources in most cases.
  • Maintain good communication with key vendors and customers throughout the move, so they know when to expect you to return to full operation. It goes a long to maintaining business.

Consult with your movers onsite

Written inventories are good, but logistics can affect the timing, cost, and required resources of your move. For instance, inventory that is palletized, requires different tools and procedures than inventory kept in individual boxes, or bins.

  • Walk your nj office movers through your basic moving plan. Especially if you don’t intend to move every department at the same time. We can help strategize the easiest and most cost-effective methods.
  • Start with your current location and your move out plan. We’ll need to see all load out options, as well as walk through the inventory locations.
  • Walk us through your floor plan for the new office. Depending on locality, a walk through is best, photos are also helpful. Include hallways, docks, and any doors we’ll be loading through.

 Moving protocol – Key To Any Office Move Project Plan

Different moving companies require different things. We’ll work with you to establish the procedure. In some cases, each worker may be asked to pack their own work space, in others, packing is handled by the movers. If cost is a major concern, be sure we know, so we can help choose methods that are cheapest.

  • Get a written list of preparations that need to be made before the movers arrive and make sure everyone has it. Include it in your project management files for easy access.
  • Go over the procedures with each department captain and help them communicate the process to the employees in their area.
  • Get feedback and adjust as needed to get everyone moved efficiently.

Final Step of Your Office Move Project Plan; Moving Day

Make sure your nj office movers know which departments are priority, and any special requirements regarding machinery, inventory or materials. Find out what help, if any, the moving company requires and be ready to give it. Before the big day, check with your insurance provider to see if you need a special rider, or separate moving policy to cover your move.

  • Make arrangements for food and water to be supplied for workers. It makes the day go easier and saves time and money to be prepared.
  • Check with the landlords, or real estate agents of each location to ensure everything is taken care of before the move.
  • Arrange for a cleaning crew, or assign team members to make sure everything is neat and tidy in the old office. This is the best way to ensure nothing gets left behind.