How to Hire the Best NJ Moving Company

Hiring the best NJ Moving Company is a challenging task. There are few thousands moves annually within the state of New Jersey . Given the sheer volume it is a miracle that everyone of these moves goes as expected. The NJ Consumer is faced With so many options to choose from. Most NJ home-owners are often faced with the challenging task of identifying the best NJ Moving Company. 

Research Before You Call
Prior to starting the hiring process research is required.  Being knowledgeable prior to making phone calls to different moving companies. A Consumer that will do  prior research will save a lot of time and money. A background check of the companies in your area is helpful. This step will help in avoiding scam companies that are increasingly on the rise. Below are some steps on how to hire the best New Jersey moving company.

Get a Quote

Seek Recommendations When Hiring NJ Moving Company

Recommendations are just as important as doing research. Ask your friends and relatives who have used NJ moving companies in the past if they would recommend any of those companies.

If nobody is able to recommend a good moving company, the consumer must do more leg work. 


Look up local NJ moving companies online.


inquire with the selected companies and if they have a local office.

Pay Them A Visit

take some time off your busy schedule and visit them . Get an idea of their operations.

Demand On-Site Estimate

A good NJ Moving Company will send a representative to your home.  The onsite estimator will assess  few things. First the scope of the job and/or size of the shipment. Second,  the required packing materials. Further , Most NJ Consumers assume that big companies are always the best. In reality, this statement is far from the truth. Seek the services of a NJ moving company that gives you value for money.

Size of The Moving Company

Remember, the bigger the company, the more the logistical hurdles and challenges that such companies face. NJ Consumer should avoid Any household goods brokers. Those brokers cannot recommend a reliable NJ moving company. NJ  Moving Brokers mostly recommend nj moving companies that pay high commissions.

Background Check & Other Sources

During move day , that moving company is going to handle all of your belongings. Make sure that the moving company is conducting background check on all their employees. This will reduce any possible theft and other negative activities.

Check Industry Sources


contacting the American Moving and Storage Association and see if the moving company you are considering to hire is registered as a member with the association. AMSA membership is voluntary. However, moving companies that are members of the association agree to abide by the association’s tariffs.


Check the moving company’s stand with the better business bureau.

Customer Advocacy Sites

There are also several customer advocacy websites such as and that list companies with a history of consumer complains.

Dispute Resolution Programs

Check if the moving company participate in arbitration programs arising from service-customer disputes.

Get At Least 3 Moving Estimates.

A consumer looking to save money, should get estimates from at least three moving  companies. BY doing so, a true price comparison can be achieved. In addition getting one estimate reduces your bargaining. Finally,in the event that the NJ mover will not be able to show on move day, the consumer have no other alternative.

Compare Moving Estimates

A. Does the company provided a bidding estimate / not-to-exceed estimate ? Did the company offer a non-binding estimate?  

B. Did the company include any packing materials or other added-on services ?

Binding Moving Estimate Vs. Non-Binding Estimate 

Binding Moving Estimate is also called Not-to-Exceed Estimate.  This type of estimate  caps  the maximum amount you are supposed to pay when moving. This means that any issues or occurrences that happen when moving should not increase the cost of the move. 

Currently, non-bidding estimates are legal. The U.S Department of Transport however cautions homeowners that while opting for the non-bidding estimates, you should expect that the final cost is more likely will be higher than the original estimate.

New Jersey is one of few states that require movers to offer a binding estimate to any customer that requires it.

Avoid The Classic Price Increase  

Detailed Walk-through – During the in-home estimate make sure the estimator see everything. In many instances the small items are forgotten. The small items added up and will require bigger truck or additional truck .

The Secret is in the Details 

A detailed inventory list will give the mover a better picture of the expected volume and how much truck space is required to move all of the required items. On move day, if the consumer  have more stuff than what was originally estimated additional time and equipment will be required. As a Results, The mover will ultimately increase the cost of the move. This usually happens after the belongings have been loaded unto the truck.

Important Additional Information 

It is also advisable that you let in the mover on any information pertaining the conditions at your new home.For example, what is the distance to be covered while moving the goods, are there any stairs, what is the condition of the elevators. With all the information, the mover should give you a price that is reflective of the weight, space and amount of work required to move the goods from one location to the other.

Review Your Estimates.

Reviewing the estimates is one activity that is frequently overlooked by many consumers. In fact, this is the most important stage of hiring NJ Moving Company.

Compare Inventory Lists

Make sure all movers included identical inventory list of the household items being transported.

Compare Packing Materials

Make sure all movers included the required packing materials.

Move Date

Make sure all movers included the same move date on their estimate. Different Move Date have different cost.

Level of Insurance

Make sure all of the estimates include the same level of insurance.

As Always, If there are parts of the agreement that you don’t understand, call the mover and ask for clarification on burning issues. 

Final Step: Hiring NJ Moving Company

Finally , after the consumer had crossed all their tees , made sure that all items on the moving estimates are comparable .. its time to select the best estimate.  It is usually best to select the middle estimate. The idea is that the top estimate is an overestimate. The bottom estimate is an underestimate. The middle estimate is usually a happy middle.