Planning a NJ office Move

It is inevitable that your business will grow over time in a similar way that a tomato plant grows during the month of July. This exponential growth ultimately becomes a blessing and a disaster at the same time depending on the rate of growth. So if your business is growing, what do you do? Of course you will need additional space and also hire more employees. If this happens when you had not made any prior arrangements to move, then the whole process becomes a nightmare. Relocating an office is not an easy task considering that most offices are located in metropolitan areas. In such areas, it is common that demand for office space and residential buildings is high. If your business is doing well and you can afford to move to a bigger office, why wait and still operate under the same limited space you have been occupying. You need to execute the move in such a manner that it does not disrupt the normal operations of your business.

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Relocating to a new office space means that you will encounter more challenges than a typical domestic move. In fact, moving into a new office have people confused on what to do or what to expect. So complicated is the process that if you do not hire a good mover, the possibility of completing the move successful is minimal. If you are looking to relocate your office in New Jersey, rest assured that you are not alone. There are hundreds of business owners facing the same dilemma that you are facing. Stay calm because below is how you should plan your office move in NJ.

Assuming that this is the first time you are planning an office move, there is always a general misconception that you have all the resources including manpower to execute the move all by yourself. However, be careful what you wish for. Being the person who gets things done deserves applause. The only problem to such a plan is that the logistics and organization required in turning your office upside down to another city is enormous. Even professional movers often spend a lot of time planning on how to go about the process. Relocating your face is not something you train with like some sort of packing drill. It is neither an activity to test your transportation skills and see how well you can execute the process. Moving an office is the real deal.

There are various items in your office that are require a lot of skills and expertise to move. Remember, offices are some of the areas you find various electronic gadgets that are at great risk of breakages if mishandled. Delegating the task of unplugging and packing such items into boxes to unqualified people is potentially the biggest mistake you can ever make. The first step into moving your items is that you need uniquely designed padded boxes to cushion glass items from breakages. Another major challenge when moving an office is the fact the bulky office items do not assume a definite shape. This makes it complicated to presume the amount of space required to transport your items. Things like the desks, office chairs and drawers are in different shapes and sizes. These items are also bulky to move and require an expert hand when relocating into a new office.

Perhaps the most challenging part of an office move is moving the goods from the office into the truck. It is basic knowledge that most high-rise buildings is where most offices are located. Imagine moving your belongings from the 15th floor of a building into a moving truck waiting outside. The amount of work required to execute the move is not something you want to gamble with. If the elevator has not been reserved as it is required by most building managers, you are required to move your goods manually using the stairs. The stairway is where most incidences happen during an office move. A simple slip can send your items tumbling down the stairs leading to unimaginable damage. Worse still is the fact that you will inconvenience hundreds of other people who rely on the same stairs when moving from floor to floor.

Hiring a professional mover is a smart move for any business owner who values time and efficiency. You need to understand that everyone can pack and move goods but it doesn’t mean they are good at it. You need to find a well-established and reputable office mover for the entire task. Not only will the mover save you a considerable amount of time that you would otherwise spend moving on your own but they will save you tons of money in the long run. The major difference between a reputable office mover and other briefcase movers is that a genuine mover will oversee moving of your office furniture and equipment and also supervise how the items are set up in your new office. This whole process should be seamless with no hitches since time wasted in a business environment is ultimately reflected on the amount of profits that you get.

When planning to relocate your office, the perfect time to do this is during the slow season when your business is not at its peak. This means that there will be little or no disruptions to the normal operations of the business. If you already have a date when your current lease expires and you are ready to move, start preparing for the actual process by informing your workforce of the intended move. Do not ambush your workers with the unexpected move that you are moving office without prior notice. Such information will allow those who are capable of relocating to the new location confirm their commitment to the company. It will also give those who cannot relocate some time to find an alternative.

Once communication regarding the intended move is made, it is time to take inventory of everything that is in the office. Every department should submit all the equipment availed to them from larger items such as computers to paperclips. You can use this are opportunity to junk the items that are hardly used in office operations. If you have a new budget for office supplies, then it makes absolutely makes no sense to carry along your old office stuff that may end up becoming redundant.

When it comes to things like computers and printers, ensure that there is an IT personnel at your new location to do all the installation as well as setting up anything that needs to be backed up. The setting up of office desks and computers should be done well before your employees resume work. This is because they will technically be expecting that everything is ready before resuming work. Being prepared is a matter of personal choice but most people have no idea just how important it is to be organized when moving an office. Metropolitan areas in NJ will no doubt expose business owners to even bigger logistical challenges that could slow the entire process of moving down. A smart business person understands the value of time and just how every minute counts in business. Instead of trying to move things yourself and spend weeks moving, hire a professional mover who will only need a day or two to move your office furniture and equipment to a new location.