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    Great Tips To Design Your Small Home Office Space Optimally

    Whether it’s a regular office or a home office, they are creative ways in which a small office space can be transformed into an attractive and functional working area. There are able office interior designers and space planners who can maximize your office space to utilize it to its fullest capacity.

    Let’s discuss step-by-step on how to make the most out of your home office area.

    Enlist What You Need

    First off, enlist all the equipment that you plan to include in your office space. Include only those that are absolutely essential. Next, you might want to creatively consolidate certain equipment in order to conserve space. For instance, instead of purchasing a printer and a fax machine, go for an all-in-one that can print, copy and scan.

    Roughly Map Out the Area

    Make an approximate placement plan of the furnishings and paraphernalia you need in your home office. This exercise will give you a broad idea on the size of furniture components and equipment that would fit your office space appropriately.

    Go Wireless

    You will reduce clutter to a great extent if you decide to do away with the wires. You might have to invest a bit extra on the equipment, but you’ll definitely end up saving on space and wiring costs. What’s more, you’ll even have the flexibility of altering the arrangement of your wireless equipment if need arises.

    Plan Your Furniture Needs

    Typically an office needs desks, chairs, file and stationery closets, book shelves and computer desks. Depending on the number of employees and your needs, list out the furniture you will need to procure. Remember to include only what you absolutely need. Also, for a small office space, the more compact, the better.

    Choose the Right Area

    Placement of your home office is quite crucial. You must choose a location that is well-ventilated and well-lit, with adequate electrical outlets, with a scope for heating and cooling as required and that which ensures privacy. Consider the presence of phone lines, to avoid additional installation costs later, if you are going to need one for your home office.
    Also, if you need to spend a considerable amount of time in your home office, consider selecting a room with a window with a good view. Otherwise, a utility room could serve as an adequate office space.

    Storage and Decor

    Consider buying compact furniture that will double up as storage. This will save you costs, while saving on space. Creatively utilise the vertical space in your home office area to maximally exploit the available space. For instance, invest in tall and lean shelves that occupy less carpet area.
    Go for decorative lighting that doubles up as your work light. Hang decorative pieces or art work at higher areas on your office wall to avoid clutter and use vertical space effectively.

    Hence, even if your home office space is small, you need not give up on designing it into your dream workplace. Think out of the box and no dream is too big to achieve!