NJ Long Distance Moving Company

You are currently living in new jersey and are looking to relocate out of the state? Premier Movers in a NJ Moving Company specializing in long distance moving. Premier Movers shipped thousands of family out of new jersey across the entire united states. Premier Movers ships to all 48 states.

Many Consumers find themselves needing to move long distance. Some need to hire a long distance moving company due to a new job. Others are looking to move long distance due to divorce while others are simply looking for a fresh start. Regardless of the reason you are looking to move out of state, Premier Movers is prepared to assist you with smooth move experience.

Moving across country or across state lines is never an easy task and should be carefully planed. Many consumers tend to simply hire a moving company of a broker’s site without proper background check. Other simply hire the first company that offers them a quote. Bellow is a brief guide on how to choose your NJ Long Distance Moving Company wisely.

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How To Hire NJ Long Distance Moving Company Correctly

Get 3 Moving Quotes

Getting one quote is simply not enough to determine if the quote is reputable.

Compare the weight or cubic feet on all three estimates

If one mover estimates 2000 lbs while the other estimates 15000 lbs , try to go with the middle estimate. It is very important to look at the weight not the bottom line price. For example , 300 cubes at $4 per cube is $1200. Alternatively, 500 cube at 3$ is $1500. At first glance the second estimate is more expensive. However, if you in fact have 500 cube with the first mover you will end up paying $2000 !!

Match Services Across ALL estimates (Compare apples to apples)

One mover could offer you packing service while the other do not . The other mover being cheaper might be more expensive on move day if you really need packing service. If a mover does not write packing charges it does not mean that it would not charge you for it.

Check BBB standing, Angie’s List for reviews.

Do not trust online reviews since they could be faked. If possible try to ask the mover for references. This is specially true when trying to hire NJ Long distance moving company for a large interstate move.